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Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe

Tai-Pan: Contraband

Tai-Pan Contraband Cover Covers: Front cover by Terrie Smith, back cover by Sky Rigdon.
Stories: "Sex For Fun and Profit" by Ray Cornett, with illustrations by Annette Pschirrir and Susan Woolard, "As Water Flows To The Low Places" by Gene Breshears, with illustrations by Phillip Shrock.
Information: None.
Price: $5 US
First printing: December, 1995
Miko's review: Our first "mature" supplement for material that is not necessarily x-rated, but simply material that we felt more comfortable publishing in a format that was not "all ages" as our main fanzine is. Rather thin at just over 30 pages, this is smaller than our regular 'zine. "As Water Flows..." is a typical Gene story, well-written with good characterization and well worth reading. This one involves his two Iktome characters, Lock and Load, and in the grand tradition of my Vashti stories Gene tells a tale that takes place before the characters even join the Iktome. Meanwhile, we have a lot of nice artwork from the likes of Anthony Waters, Sky Rigdon, and Terrie Smith, to name three, and the only story we ever got to publish from Gene's now-departed partner Ray Cornett. Ray actually wrote quite a bit, mostly gay erotica, and his work saw publication in some paperback book collections. However, despite the title of this piece, Ray was quite restrained in his approach to his first Tai-Pan Project story. The results are very nice. I was always waiting for the next Tai-Pan story from Ray, and I'm sad that I'll never get the chance to see it.

Tai-Pan: Eclipse

Tai-Pan Eclipse Cover Covers: Front cover by Gary Fletcher, back cover by Terrie Smith.
Stories: "Gold Dust Woman" by Mark Allen Davis, with illustrated by Chris Geary-Durrill, "On The Nose", graphic story and art by Stephan Clark, and "A Shadow's Kiss" by Gene Breshears, with illustrations by Gary Fletcher.
Information: None, but a lot of Chester pinups inside!
Price: $5 US
First printing: December, 1997
Miko's review: Our second "mature" issue is even better than the first! Once again you have only two stories, but this time they are longer and more substantial, making this a standard-sized 50 pages. In particular, Gene's "A Shadow's Kiss" is an excellent murder-mystery set on the Quantum Lady, and is not to be missed! Gene has more than one Velvet Kageri mystery in the works, so all of you mystery fans, stay tuned! Meanwhile, "Gold Dust Woman" is the third of my Vashti stories, following "Reputation" and "The Truth Will Set You Free". This one is a bit more graphic and deals with some sensitive issues so it wound up in our "mature" 'zine. The fourth Vashti story, "Why Do The Heathens Rage?" is written, and I'm working on three or four others, so be watching for those as well! And, in case you're wondering, yes, a third "mature" 'zine is in the works! Gene won't let us know the title just yet, however!

Tai-Pan: Rough Trade

Rough Trade Cover Covers: Front cover by Terrie Smith, back cover by David Zawitaj.
Stories: "Chester's Night Out" by Gene Breshears with illustrations by Terrie Smith, and "A Pretty Good Year" by Kristin Fontain with illustrations by Terrie Smith.
Information: None, but several pinups of various characters inside.
Price: $6 US
First printing: August, 1999
C.D.'s review: The third mature supplement contains two big stories: “Chester’s Night Out” by Gene and “A Pretty Good Year” by Kristin both feature Terrie Smith’s outstanding illustrations. “Chester’s Night Out” is a great action romp. Chester and Frith go out for a little shore leave adventure but the plan quickly changes when Frith is kidnapped. As the drama “A Pretty Good Year” unfolds, we find that a new crewmate’s addiction to drugs isn’t the worst of her troubles. Add some illustrations from Gary Fletcher, Annette Pshirrer, and David Zawitaj and Rough Trade is a tightly packed issue of the Tai Pan universe.

Tai-Pan: Bootleg

Covers: Front cover by Terrie Smith, back cover by Tom Milliorn.
Stories: "First Taste" by Alex Shaikman with illustrations by Chuck Melville, and "The Art of Being Special" by Chuck Melville with illustrations by Barb Cummings.
Information: None, but several pinups of various characters inside, including over a dozen ringtail pinups.
Price: $6 US
First printing: October, 2001
C.D.'s review: Bootleg is the fourth “For Mature Readers” supplement for the Tai Pan project. In “The Art of Being Special” Chuck writes a tender story of the longing and insecurities of the budding romance between Satin and Kelson. Alex Shaikman takes an interesting look at bravado in “First Taste”. Romany Duplessis tries to hide his inexperience from the rest of the grunts of the Iktome with humiliating results. This issue also features great story illustrations from Barb Cummings and Chuck Melville, a big batch-o-Chester from Terrie Smith, and lots of additional stand alone art.

Tai-Pan: Skulduggery

Covers: Front cover by Barb Cummings.
Stories: "Beside Himself" by Gene Breshears and Mark Allen Davis with illustrations by Chas P.A. Melvile, "Twice a Fool" by Sky Oxford with illustrations by Kathy R. Coleman, "Playing Dirty" by Bill Koonts with illustration by Sky Oxford, and "Cheat" by Sky Oxford with illustrations by Barb Cummings.
$6 US
First printing: August, 2006

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