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Omnibus One
Omnibus One
In this volume you will find all the original artwork and stories published in issues #1 and #2! The first issues were published in the winter of 1991-92, introducing the trader ship Tai-Pan, and laying groundwork for concepts and characters that are still being written about today.

Stories: “New Queensland Station” by Gene Breshears, Keith Alan Johnson, and Whitney Ware, with illustrations by Jackie Duram-Nilsson; “What Tales He’d Tell…” by Whitney Ware with illustrations by Arion Morgan; “A Bird in the Hand” by Rachel Ehrlich with illustrations by Nancy Robak; “Jumping Planet” by David Dailey with illustrations by Diane Salts; “Between a Laugh and a Tear” by Whitney Ware with illustrations by Viki Sinex.

Additional artwork by Terrie Smith, Anthony S. Waters, Susan Woolard, and others.

Bonus: Lost episode, “A Simple Matter of Opinion” written and drawn by Roy D. Pounds II

Cover: Several of the Tai-Pan crew poised to face adventure in a vast universe. Drawn by Chuck Melville (click thumbnail to enlarge)
$ 15.00
Issue #50
Issue #50

Covers: Front cover by C.D. Woodbury
Stories: "E = m c (pizza)" by Chas P.A. Melville with illustrations by James L. Brandt; "Take Three" by Gene Breshears with illustrations by Barb Cummings; "Martyr" by Mark Allen Davis with illustrations by Vanessa Pridgen; "Skeeter" by Chas P.A. Melville with illustrations by Gary Fletcher; "The Man with the Golden Clipboard" by Mark Allen Davis with illustrations by Jeffrey Young. And "Iktome Beach Party," a story in illustrations by Andrew Laverdiere.
Information: Two mini portrait galleries.
First printing: September, 2012
$ 8.00

Issues may be ordered directly from the publisher (or from either Rabbit Valley Comic Shop or Second Ed Mailorder). To order from the publisher, either use the Paypal links provided, or print up this handy form, fill it out. Send it with check or money order to:

P.O. Box 17032
Seattle, WA 98127

Please make check or money order payable to "Tai-Pan Literary and Arts Project." Allow six to eight weeks for delivery.